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Almost Died In Dubai with Vince Ewudo – 031
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Almost Died In Dubai with Vince Ewudo – 031

What would you do in an emergency situation in a different country? When traveling, we don’t usually consider what to do if the unexpected happens. Val and his brother Vince had to face this difficult and terrifying reality recently while traveling to Dubai. On the last night of their stay, there was a Gala – they were dressed to the nines and ready for a night of fun.

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Valentine and Vince Ewudo



All of a sudden, their night took a turn for the worse. Vince grabbed Val and said he was having a hard time breathing. They thought it was an asthma attack and his symptoms worsened. Don’t miss this episode as Val and Vince share their story, how they overcame this struggle, got Vince help, and eventually pulled through.



Vince Ewudo


Key Topics


Remaining calm

  • Once Val realized that his brother was in trouble, he went into nurse mode and started running through questions relating to Asthma attacks.
  • Soon after, everyone realized that this is an allergic reaction and they head to the closest ER.
  • Vince is steadily getting worse and mentions at one point only taking 5 breaths a minute, but they try to stay calm.
  • To make matters worse, the cab they were in was not taking them to the ER, they were getting turned around and taking up valuable time.
  • They finally get to the emergency room and start running tests on Vince.


Pulling through

  • They were able to give Vince a steroid shot and a breathing treatment which helped the symptoms subside.
  • Once Val saw his that his brother was doing better, he was finally able to relax and breakdown for a minute.
  • He knew the time was over where he needed to be strong for his brother.
  • Through this difficult time, they were able to remain calm and get Vince the help he needed.


Handling the unexpected while traveling

  • Make sure that you have people around that are able to remain calm in emergency situations – be prepared for anything to happen.
  • Be positive. Use self-affirmations to remain hopeful.
  • Be present. Focus on what’s happening right now.
  • When you are traveling to a different country, research how their medical care is operated.
  • If you travel to a country where medical care is expensive, seek out travelers medical insurance.




Key Quotes

I was scratching my eyes and then scratching my head and I was having trouble breathing and I was like, Wait, hold on, am I having an allergic reaction right now? ([10:25])

Have people around that are able to be calm. ([30:05])

You gotta live your best life every time. You never when it’s gonna end. ([34:11])

When you speak to yourself in that tone or that light you begin to believe that. ([35:05])


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