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Episode 26 – with special guest, Jim Palmer: Moving through a “Season of Crazy”
20th September 2016 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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Business coach Jim Palmer opens up with us about some financial & health setbacks that sent him in to a season of ‘craziness,’ and yet moved him into a place that can only be described as, destiny.

Jim is a husband of 36 years, a father, a 6 time author, and host of an awesome business podcast called, ‘Stick like glue radio.’

– From business executive to entrepreneur.

– The blessing of a giving heart & mindset.

– How to receive a sign from God.

– What to do when God answers your prayers.

– How does God’s timing point us back to what he has already done for us.

Psalm 46:10 “how stillness & honor will bless you.”

–  Malachi 3:10 ‘Test me.”

– The Purpose Driven Life Book

– 7 seasons of the man in the mirror book

Jim’s website and free E-Book

Jim’s Dream Business Academy

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