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“Uncopyable Sales Secrets: How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition” by Kay Miller [RR 772]
Episode 77219th August 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Have you thought about developing relationships with your customers and how they happen organically, intentionally, or not at all? Are your service advisors making that human connection daily? I’m joined by Kay Miller, author of “Uncopyable Sales Secrets: How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition.” Kay simplifies sales to a basic level that anyone can benefit from. In Kay’s early days in sales, she worked for Walker Exhaust and earned the moniker ‘Muffler Mama’. If you’re interested in reading a free chapter of her book, head to the show notes for the link. Or find her book on the books page on

Kay Miller, Author of "Uncopyable Sales Secrets", Free Chapter HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Take the uncopyable framework and apply it to sales!
  • Young women in the industry- selling through distribution, didn’t have ‘credibility’ and didn't fully understand the product from their perspective. She asked to be taught how to install a muffler. ‘Muffler Mama’
  • Sales is a people business, no matter what product you're selling
  • Sales, in general, is all about being uncomfortable and talking to strangers
  • If you can make a human connection, that helps you get over the fear because the only way to truly get over being fearful of something is to do it
  • Think of your target market as your moose, and that's who you want spend time building relationships with, attracting them, and pursuing and building a relationship so that you can get ongoing repeat sales and referrals
  • The more you can know your client, the better chance you have of that kind of relationship s
  • When you're talking to a customer, ask the questions that will get them talking. That is one of the biggest ways to build trust
  • Listening and letting silence happen while the customer thinks about this, educating them and then saying, what do you think, or getting them to talk is huge in building trust
  • It’s about studying the person and learning just beyond what they say but looking for actual clues 
  • If you're never afraid, that's kind of a bad sign, you're not pushing your limits, so do something that scares you
  •  Observe what you see other people doing. You can also just think about something that you can do to be unique
  • The target market is your ideal customer- help them get what they want

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