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24. Professional Pilot Schedules & Work-Life Balance
7th May 2022 • Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training • Landings With A Flair, LLC
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After our main conversation about pathways to careers, several of pilots continued an informal discussion about schedules and work-life balance for professional pilots.

Humorous Links Mentioned in Episode

(Not to be taken seriously) -

YouTube Video "Living The Dream"

YouTube Video "Livin' The (Pilot Wife) Dream"

Speakers –

Captain Theresa

Unmesh Dutt

Philipp Rodenkirchen

Sajal Moitra

Johnny Pickett

Dana Navarro

Mawuta O'May

Afivi S.

Kyle Chicago ORD


Resources –

Clubhouse: New User Guide

Clubhouse: Pilot Flight Training House (Formerly a Club)

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