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076 Neurotransmitter Results Beyond Treatment Failure – Client
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076 Neurotransmitter Results Beyond Treatment Failure – Client

Neurotransmitter Results - Testing Balances Patient Care

When patients have sufficient, targeted neurotransmitters for each medication to work on, the medications work better.
~ Chip Watkins

Neurotransmitter Results - A Client Weighs In

Mark Trail - Our Anonymous Name For Dr. Chip Watkins' Client in Asheville, NC. You will quickly see in this interview a street response to the value of neurotransmitter testing - why the indications and what regarding the outcome of treatment.

In this interview, it's easy to see why he chose to find balance through more advanced testing that proved quite uncomplicated and helpful.


Mark Reports On Neurotransmitter Balance Here At CBJ/076

  • My treatment objectives & my parent's denial [spp-timestamp time="1:29"]
  • Trouble focusing & treatment failure with Adderall for ADHD [spp-timestamp time="1:50"]
  • Using the medication incorrectly I had a panic attack [spp-timestamp time="5:24"]
  • I hit a serious drop in the afternoon with that medication [spp-timestamp time="6:30"]
  • The dopamine/serotonin balance challenges with stimulants [spp-timestamp time="7:30"]
  • My neurotransmitters were in the basement [spp-timestamp time="9:00"]
  • How to take the urine test [spp-timestamp time="10:32"]
  • Synthesis of neurotransmitters: precursors and cofactors [spp-timestamp time="14:01"]
  • Supplements help with medication reactions [spp-timestamp time="24:40"]


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Dr. Watkins' PDF Download - Strategic Neurotransmitter Results 

Managing Depression and Anxiety

Providing Options and Adjuncts to Pharmaceutical Treatments




Dr. Watkins' Company Websites

Parker YouTube Videos On Neurotransmitters & The PM Drop With Stimulants

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