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Getting the Parent Value Proposition Right Using Data and Analytics with Trevor Waddington
21st August 2018 • SchneiderB.FM • Brendan Schneider
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Today’s guest on the podcast is Trevor Waddington, CEO of TYW Education Group. Trevor has many years of experience in the role of director for school admissions, communications, marketing and financial aid.

The topic for this episode originated in the SchneiderB University Facebook Group, where someone asked for an example of a parent decision journey map. Trevor jumped in with a comment about his business model of value management and how it is being transformed and used by private schools.

There was so much interest from the group on this topic that it made sense for us to discuss this topic on the podcast.

In today’s discussion, you’re going to hear how Trevor has developed a parent value proposition data system that helps inform the messaging and process used to market to the parents who are most likely to value the educational experience your school is offering.

In this episode here’s what we’ll cover:
  • How to create a data-based quadrant parent value prediction system
  • The role that geo-behavioral and psychographic data play in tailoring the system to your school’s needs
  • Using data to create mission-appropriate messaging that will compel parents to take action
  • Creating powerful and sharp enrollment predictions
  • Using data and analytics to inform the parent valuation decision process
  • Understanding how the value management system affects how we market to families
  • Using a data-informed value proposition system to retain families by utilizing all aspects of the school
  • A 3-pronged process for gathering feedback from families
  • How to use online advertising, especially Google Ads, to build your value proposition campaigns
  • Why you should test and build on the performance of your online advertising
Items mentioned in this episode include:

Wealth Engine



General census information

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Trevor Waddington, CEO TYW Education Group


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