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Introducing Pace Yourself Not Race Yourself
Episode 124th April 2023 • Pace Yourself Not Race Yourself • ThreadHaus
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Introducing the Pace Yourself Not Race Yourself project and background of the InnOvoT Collection.

In this first episode, Manny Jackson breaks down the Pace Yourself Not Race Yourself project, goes into the background of the InnOvoT Collection, and introduces the team:

Tiffany (Seker Factory)

Ceiba (on Instagram)

Beth (Tiny Elephant)

Roz (Kumari Visionz)

Lynz (Growth Network Podcasts)

Introducing the InnOvoT Collection by Manny Jackson - stylish apparel catalyzing empowerment by raising mental health awareness. Each piece represents different aspects of the solution, using signature colors associated with various mental health diagnoses. The collection's inaugural release, Pace Yourself Not Race Yourself, aims to normalize the conversation surrounding the significance of prioritizing one's holistic health. This message is reinforced with a sunset graphic in the background, evoking calmness and peacefulness.

The InnOvoT Collection is part of a larger initiative to create positive change in the community, including Thread Haus' upcycling incubator program promoting sustainable fashion practices and economic growth.

For those affected by ADHD, the collection represents the unique and creative nature of their minds. It's a reminder that we are all different yet we can have similar struggles that's a beautiful thing to embrace

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