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The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community - Sara and Les Raymond EPISODE 38, 12th June 2021
Les Gets Unexpected Therapy: Interview with Rebecca Strong

Les Gets Unexpected Therapy: Interview with Rebecca Strong

In this episode, Les chats with EMDR therapist Rebecca Strong about using the nervous system as a tool for healing trauma. Les was interested in how eye movements can help with healing, but didn’t anticipate walking through a child hood trauma in the middle of a podcast. This has apparently helped Les considerably - maybe it can help you too.

About Rebecca Strong, MA, LPC, RYT is a Clinical Licensed Professional Counselor, a group process facilitator, Registered Yoga Teacher and an EMDRIA-Certified psychotherapist. Rebecca’s work as an EMDR therapist focuses on trauma resolution, emotional resiliency, and solution-focused action. Rebecca is a full-time licensed clinician in private practice in East Aurora, NY and Boulder, CO.

You can contact Rebecca here: https://www.strongsolutionswny.com/


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