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Mastering Emotional Intelligence and Energy Management with Phil Johnson
Episode 5020th March 2023 • Be Well, Do Well. • Amin Ahmed
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What if you could harness your emotional intelligence for success in your personal and professional life? Join me as I sit down with Phil Johnson, a renowned entrepreneur and expert in emotional intelligence, to explore this powerful concept. Together, we uncover how managing our fears, becoming more present, and truly understanding our emotions can lead to stronger connections with others and better choices in our lives.

In this captivating conversation, Phil and I delve into the importance of emotional intelligence, energy management, and finding your "ikigai" - the Japanese concept of passion and purpose. We discuss overcoming challenges by drawing inspiration from figures like Thomas Edison and Walt Disney, as well as how detaching ourselves from the outcome can make it easier to create and achieve our goals. Phil shares his personal journey of becoming an executive coach and the invaluable insights he's gained along the way. Don't miss this inspiring episode that will leave you eager to tap into your emotional intelligence and uncover your true potential.




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