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Your Blessed Life - Jay Maresh 9th January 2017
Episode 32 – with special guest, Aaron Walker: “Living a Life of Significance.”
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Episode 32 – with special guest, Aaron Walker: “Living a Life of Significance.”

When tragedy strikes in life, sometimes we ask ourselves; why has this happened to me, or how could something like this happen to me.
The questions that we ask ourselves especially after a difficult or even tragic time in life, sets us on a path looking for answers.
The path you go down will often times be established by the questions you ask. Let’s be sure to ask questions that lead us down a path that is in line with our desired outcome.
That’s exactly what Aaron Walker did. After a tragic accident in his life, he was faced with some tough questions, that lead him down a path of self discovery and significance.
Join us today in episode #32 as we visit with Aaron Walker, on his journey to “Living a Life of Significance.”
Here are a few more of the topics we will be diving into.
  • How a daily routine helps us to move toward accomplishment.
  • Are your words moving you in a direction that helps you or hurts you?
  • Why is Romans 8:28 such a powerful truth in the midst of tragedy?
  • What is the one thing you must ‘remember’ to if you want success?

Books recommended by Aaron;

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