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086 - Are you hiding from your own success?
Episode 862nd September 2019 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist
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The subject of hiding is close to my heart because I’ve been hiding for most of my life. Not knowing the cause as to why I was hiding, I settled to play safe. I’m bringing this subject up in the hope that it inspires you to step into your greatness.

What got me out of the status quo was a burning desire to achieve more in life, mainly how to achieve financial independence. What I didn’t know at the time was that before I could achieve financial freedom, I had to be willing to ask deep questions as to what I genuinely expect of life.

These questions lead me to find out what my burning desire is, what I’m willing to stand for, and what I will stand against.  

In this episode, I reflect on my past and share with you the six reasons as to why we shy away from our own success.

  1. You do not know your life purpose.
  2. Your mindset gets in the way. 
  3. You struggle with indecision.
  4. You do not have the energy to focus on a sound strategy.
  5. You don’t dare to ask for help.
  6. You lack persistence with our projects.
  7. You do not have access to a mastermind alliance.

If you are hiding because of past trauma, I strongly suggest to check out Pati Maez’s work and her program  She came into my life when I needed a mentor that would go beyond the realm of logic and strategies. She helped me reconnected my mind, heart, and soul and shared with me the power of breathing.  

If you need help with clarity in your life or in business click this link and schedule a 30-minute free consultation.