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Episode 96 Interview with Mark Shurtleff: A Tornado of Trials – When the Other Shoe Drops
18th July 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 96 Interview with Mark Shurtleff: A Tornado of Trails – When the Other Shoe Drops

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today you are joining me for an interview with Mark Shurtleff the former three term Utah Attorney General. He is the founder of Shurtleff Consulting Group and Law Firm, and the owner of the Commercial clean energy project development company. He is the author of a historical novel Am I Not a Man? The Dred Scott Story and a former U.S. Naval Officer. He also is the father of five children and has 8 grandchildren.

I’ve invited Mark on the show today because that little intro doesn’t even skim the surface of his story. In June of 2014 Mark was charged with bribery and corruption charges as the Attorney General. His home was raided by the FBI and as the next two years evolved until the criminal case was dismissed in July of 2016 there was quite an ordeal. If that’s not enough his story also involves a devastating motorcycle accident that involved 15 surgeries and a fight against cancer.

Our discussion today is not about politics. Our discussion today is about the human side of struggle. About the story from Mark, on the inside. The hero of a story always has two journeys – the outward journey that involves the milestones and the outer struggles – the mountains to climb, the obstacles to overcome, but it also involves an inner journey of emotion, mental fortitude and failure, struggle = and sometimes that’s the bigger story. So, stay tuned as we get the inside story from Mark Shurtleff

Tune into the audio program for the interview with Mark Shurtleff. For more information or to follow Mark:

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Twitter: @markshurtleff
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LinkedIn: Mark L. Shurtleff


Adversity comes to each of us in different packages. Regardless of where others feel we stand – whether you feel Mark is right or wrong for sueing the state, for example, the adversity, his adversity is a tale that we can all relate with in our own way. It’s a tale of deep struggle. The things I take away from this discussion are:

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