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The Wild Life - The Wild Life 7th August 2020
Phylum: Porifera (SPONGES)

Phylum: Porifera (SPONGES)

The first installment of our first ever miniseries is here--Phylum: Porifera!

Sponges are often overlooked aside from Spongebob Squarepants and cleaning. It's time that changed. Dive into the amazing life history of sponges!

Throughout this series, we will be covering 9 of the main phyla in the animal kingdom. Next up on our list? Cnidaria (jellies)!

On our website, https://thewildlife.blog/2020/08/08/phylum-porifera/, you will be able to find educational materials that coincide with the episode as well as a coloring sheet, worksheet, key, and two sponge anatomy posters. This will be the case with every episode in the series, so stay tuned!

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