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Introducing Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-Shero, An Interview with Anthony Hand
Episode 4828th September 2021 • Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen • Heather Hester
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048 - In this episode, Heather interviews creator, producer, and director, Anthony Hand, who gives a sneak peek into his feature-length animated film (anticipated release Spring 2024) Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-Shero. Anthony's background in product design in Silicon Valley along with his love and appreciation for drag and childhood affinity for comic books melded together to create this never-told-before story!

Backed by both private investors and a fandom that meets at the intersection of LGBTQ+ culture, anime, and a comic book universe that other creators have yet to venture into, Maxxie LaWow first crowdsourced funding initiative just launched on September 15!

See the amazing 2-minute adventure reel and learn more about Maxxie HERE

Want to help fund this project? Learn more HERE!

As queer creators, Anthony and his team are creating a unique film that will appeal to:
*the queer community
*fans of animation
*fans of the superhero story
*fans of drag

Anthony is relatable and this unique and fun storyline is bound to leave you wanting to know more!

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