65: What Problems Does Infinite Banking Solve?
Episode 6527th March 2023 • The Fifth Edition by Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioners • John Montoya, John D. Perrings
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Main Episode Description

One of the biggest financial problem we all face comes straight from the book, Becoming Your Own Banker; Parkinson's Law.

"A luxury, once enjoyed, becomes a necessity." In financial parlance, this means expenses tend to rise along with our income.

Taxes, debt service, and lifestyle expenses always tend to rise at the same rate as our income, leaving only what's left over to save and grow.

And we've found this to be just as true for someone making $1M per year as it is for someone making $30k per year.

In this episode, we talk about this and many other problems The Infinite Banking Concept solves. By having access to capital and being able to finance our own purchases and investments in a strategic manner, we kill many proverbial birds with a single financial stone.

Episode Highlights

0:00 - Introduction

0:12 - Episode beginning

0:21 - “What problem are you trying to solve?

1:31 - The official problem

4:54 - The problem that we all have

9:36 - Protecting your family against the loss of income

15:19 - Passive income

21:39 - Thinking long range, protecting your family in the future

30:21 - Accelerating the payoff of debt

33:23 - Reducing of eliminating taxes

39:18 - What whole life can’t do

41:32 - Episode wrap-up

About Your Hosts:

Hosts John Montoya & John Perrings are dedicated to spreading the word about Infinite Banking so you can discover for yourself how you and your loved ones can benefit with a virtual streamlined process that will take you from IBC novice to sharing the strategy with friends and family... even the skeptics!

John Montoya is the founder of JLM Wealth Strategies, began his career in financial services in 1998. He is an Authorized Infinite Banking® professional and works nationwide.

John Perrings started StackedLife Financial Strategies after a 20-year career in the startup world of Silicon Valley where he specialized in data center real estate, finance, and construction. John is an Authorized Infinite Banking® professional and works nationwide.

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