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Discover Paediatric Surgery - Discover Paediatric Surgery 26th March 2018
Discover Paediatric Surgery Introduction
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Discover Paediatric Surgery Introduction

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Hello and welcome to discover pediatric surgery a podcast for childhood surgeons if like me, you spend a large portion of each day commuting eventually get to the point. When you crave the possibility of constructive time utilization on these Journeys. Don't get me wrong. I love listening to music and catching up with the news but I find more and more. I'm just starved of time to develop as an individual. And improve my skill set. I am a paediatric surgeon and there's an all fields of medicine. The pace of advancement is overwhelming perhaps even more so in the newer specialities such as pediatric surgery. I work in academic environment and I notice more and more that our trainees in to struggle with the crazy workload often having no time for learning with the never ending demand of an overburdened service. Being from South Africa. We are abruptly aware but human resource material scarcity in both our local environment and the
country's north of our borders. Although pediatric surgeons are in short supply in South Africa, we find ourselves still in the luxurious situation compared to the all too common areas in which general adult surgeons become the sole operator on neonates and children in many countries and most of the time without any formal paediatric surgical training. In South Africa, we are just over 30 practicing paediatric surgeons for a population of 57 million even just half a surgeon per million population in comparison to England who has 30 surgeons per million population. However, we are still well off compared to many other African countries who don't have any pediatric surgeons whatsoever. In low and middle income countries estimated that five billion people were surgical disease do not have any access to surgical care and more than half of these are children. I also find that staggering to appreciate that in low and middle income countries 85% of children will have a surgically treatable condition by the time they are 15 years old and yet most of these won't have any access to a
paediatric surgeon. Paediatric surgical trainees go through a rigorous training schedule with a minimum requirement in some countries are between 13 and 17 years. Paediatric surgeons acquire the knowledge of a whole Gambit of congenital anomalies requiring surgical correction as well as many acquired lesions. Traumatic injuries arrive in low-income countries and across special consideration, especially with the childhood standard of care is completely different to that of the adult counterparts in the same situation. With all these thoughts in mind. My aim is to provide informative podcasts providing an overview of Core Concepts and pediatric surgical care. My name is Andrew Grieve and I look forward to being your host in this journey on discovering paediatric surgery. You can find us in your favorite podcast downloads and on www.discoverpaediatricsurgery.com Thanks for listening and please subscribe to our weekly podcasts. [00:03:00]