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What roles would I have in my dream procurement team?
Episode 617th April 2024 • The Procurement Software Podcast • James Meads
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This week on The Procurement Software Podcast, host James delves into the concept of creating the ideal procurement team by combining human expertise with technology. Emphasizing the importance of leveraging existing resources without expecting additional budget, the episode explores ways to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of a procurement team and its wage bill. Join the discussion on how to merge human talent with technological advancements to elevate procurement's efficiency and added value to new heights.

Building a procurement team that's fit for 2030

This episode of The Procurement Software Podcast explores the concept of optimising a procurement team by integrating human expertise with technology. James suggests restructuring the team to focus on strategic tasks by reducing category managers and introducing roles such as procurement business partners, data scientists, analysts, and admin assistants. This shift allows the team to delegate routine tasks to technology, enabling a focus on value-added activities. The episode highlights the importance of data analysis in procurement, advocating for a data scientist's role to leverage data for informed decision-making and process optimisation. Additionally, the host discusses the significance of investing in procurement technology, like spend analytics and procure-to-pay software, to easily identify savings opportunities, automate processes and facilitate self-service for stakeholders. This strategic combination of human and machine capabilities is presented as a way to create a more efficient and effective procurement team, driving value and enhancing productivity within the organisation. Timestamps: [00:00:37] Dream Procurement Team Concept [00:01:09] Budget Constraints and Assumptions [00:02:01] Current Team and Salary Structure [00:03:17] Rethinking the Category Management Team [00:04:19] Reducing Category Managers and Allocating Budget [00:05:02] Introducing a Procurement Business Partner [00:05:57] The Importance of a Data Scientist [00:06:51] Adding an Analyst to the Team [00:07:54] Hiring an Admin Assistant with Marketing Skills [00:08:59] Final Team Composition and Headcount [00:10:47] Allocating Budget for Procurement Technology And that wraps up another episode of The Procurement Software Podcast! Big thanks to you for listening. We'll be back at the same time next week, so see you there. If you want to learn more about Procurement Software, check out the useful links below.

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