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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 163
Cut Your Time Spent on Social Media Marketing in Half
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Cut Your Time Spent on Social Media Marketing in Half

For something which is meant to be “insta-ntaneous”... Social Media can feel anything but that. 

I’ve seen this struggle faced by so many Salon Owners, that I've decided it’s time to offer up some hard & fast solutions once and for all, so you never have to feel stuck again, and so that Social Media can stop taking over more of your life than it needs to…

The answer is actually pretty simple…

 1 word, in fact!

The idea is all about making less work for you, whilst still allowing you to produce a continuous stream of great Salon-marketing content for your current, and potential clients online.  

This means less time spent sitting at your laptop or phone and more time spent on other important things, like managing your team or making more sales.

Today, I'm joined by Braeley Davies. Braeley is actually my Campaign Coordinator at SalonBot and Social Media & Marketing Manager here at the Salon Owners Collective! 

Braeley will share with you the secret 1 word that, done right, will cut your time spent on social media in half. 

I mean, after all, you probably didn’t get into this industry to become a marketer, so time spent doing something that you aren’t in love with can often feel like time wasted...

Really, we both know that it isn’t time wasted, but why spend way longer on it than you need to?


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