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The Imperfect Pod - The Imperfect Pod EPISODE 22, 22nd April 2020
#22 | How Men Can Find Their Purpose and Build Their Legacy | Clay Smeltzer
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#22 | How Men Can Find Their Purpose and Build Their Legacy | Clay Smeltzer

How can men find their purpose in life? How can we discover our identity? At heaven's gate, will we recognize the man we are supposed to become? This episode is all about dreaming about the man you are trying to become and how we can build our legacy everyday.

Clay Smeltzer is a man who owns himself, loves his story, and lives with purpose.  He does this as a Man, husband, father, teacher, baseball coach, author, speaker, and with his company Purpose Infused Coaching.  Clay has lived a pretty normal life nothing fancy and nothing too out of the ordinary.  He followed what he was supposed to follow, did what he was supposed to do but at the age of 35 sat on a couch next to his wife having a panic attack over a TV show.  With everything going great around him he still felt lost, floating, ashamed, and not where he expected himself to be in life at 35.  There were two roads derived in the woods and he chose the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.

You can find Clay on LinkedIn at Clayton Smeltzer, at his website, www.purposeinfusedcoaching.com, and on Instagram at @clay_smeltzer. 

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