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Why You Shouldn't Be a Product Manager
Episode 134th October 2022 • Trying to Product • Parv Sondhi and Alex Cox
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Why You Shouldn't Be a Product Manager

In today's episode, Alex and Parv cast some light on why you might want to stay clear of being a Product Manager. Product management is filled with pros and so much fun, but today they scrutinize the other side of the coin. Does the idea of accountability without authority or delayed gratification sit right with you? These and many more are some of the aspects you should consider as you mull over being or not being a PM.

Join Parv and Alex as they chat about:

  • The nature of day-to-day unpredictability in the life of a PM [2:05]
  • Costs of constant context switching [6:19]
  • The immense responsibility and accountability bestowed to PMs but no real authority [10:48]
  • The sense of delayed gratification [15:35]
  • Loneliness and isolation as a PM [18:48]

… and so much more! 

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