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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 14th November 2018
E25: What Team Building Process Did Jesus Use?

E25: What Team Building Process Did Jesus Use?

Understanding the dynamics of team building

No matter what you are trying to achieve in your business, you will need a strong team to do it. You can only go as far as your supporting cast will take you. Sports stars and oscar winners know this to be true.


Jesus also knew this, which is why he put together the most impactful team in the history of the world: His twelve apostles.


These twelve seemingly ordinary men set the world on fire. It’s not because they chose to follow Jesus, but rather because He chose them to follow Him. This difference is huge in team building dynamics.


In this week’s episode you’ll learn the three groups found within any team and how to interact with the differents players within each group.


Being a leader doesn’t mean to always attract more followers. It means to be confident enough to choose who you keep around and invest in.


Hey… it’s what Jesus would do.


In This Episode You Will:


♦ Learn about the three main components of any team.

♦ Understand how, as a leader, you are to relate to each group within your team.

♦ Gain more scriptural and historical understanding about Jesus and His followers.

♦ Learn how focusing your time and energy on the right people will bring you better results


Memorable Quotes:


“When building an online business, especially if it’s in direct sales or network marketing – smart team building is one of the most important parts of your success.”


“Jesus didn’t go haphazardly from one person to the next, begging them to follow Him.”


“On your team, you will have your extended roster of people who sign up. You will also have your more invested player – your main players. And you will also have what we like to call: your rockstars – your high achievers.”


“These guys [the apostles] would walk with him, eat meals with Him, ask Him questions directly, get answers that others would not. They were with Him everyday and everywhere. For about three years!”


“I once read in a leadership book that team building is maximized in efficiency when it is a team comprised of no more than twelve people.”


“Every good leadership and team building book I have ever read speaks of the importance of empowering your team members.”


“The most interesting thing about the twelve: Jesus chose them.”


“Putting quantity over quality is always a mistake.”


“If you want to build a team that will carry on your legacy, you will have to choose the ones who will bear the torch you hand to them higher.”


“Jesus brought them (Pater, James, and John) with Him to the peak of His glory (His transfiguration), and to the depth of his valley (His sorrow in Gethsemane).”


“Now, note this very important fact: He granted them this special privilege not because He loved them more than the others, but because they loved Him more than the others.”


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