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S4 EP59: Leveraging your insurance network as a Managing Partner - Martin Blake, Managing Partner Program Lead, Insurance Search
Episode 5911th June 2024 • The Insurance Coffee House • Insurance Search
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“It's a fantastic opportunity to build something for yourself but within an established business. It’s very much engaging with customers and driving dialogue around their search requirements”, says Martin

But it’s also supported by a world class centre of excellence for delivery, so they can really focus on driving those relationships, identifying opportunities and doing a comprehensive handover to the delivery team that we have here.

It frees them up to drive those relationships and customer interactions, knowing there will be a delivery team behind them.”

On the Insurance Coffee House Podcast, Martin talks about:

Why the relationship-based recruitment industry resonated with him.

What drew him in to the insurance executive search arena and why making a difference to people’s lives and enabling them to be successful is important to him.

The Managing Partner Program at Insurance Search – what it is and who it’s for.  

“The program, it's really aimed at ambitious and high performing insurance executives or insurance recruitment consultants who are motivated to build their own business.

It’s for insurance executives who may want to use the contacts and experience they've built up across their career to build something for themselves.

We’ll enable them to launch, build and scale a business with ongoing support.”

Martin highlights the support on offer to those who might be looking for more autonomy in their careers.

“Sometimes when you're in a large corporate environment, you have to live with [other people’s] decisions. As a corporate citizen, you have to go with them. Here's your opportunity to do things differently.

It’s either a current or former insurance executive that has a network that they could leverage and bring that gravitas to building out something for themselves, but in an environment where they're going to be provided both onboarding and ongoing support.”

Martin describes the key attributes he looks for in a first conversation with a prospective insurance executive or senior recruiter.

“Credibility is absolutely essential. Honesty, transparency and excellence, those shared values are really key as is the industry experience.

Having energy, an appetite to build something for themselves and someone that's comfortable selling solutions.”

Emphasizing the strategic locations where Insurance Search is looking to attract, Martin says:

“We're very open to all locations across the US, but some places that jump out are New York, Boston, Atlanta. From a state perspective, Florida, Texas and California and we’re open to talking to people who are very active in the London market. All the key insurance hubs.”

In conclusion, Martin shares a key lesson his career has taught him.

“When I’ve found myself professionally in a situation where there's some level of adversity - delivering some bad news or a conversation I’d rather not have - what I've found is some of the strongest relationships I've built, have come from that situation. Whether it's a candidate or a client, adversity can really bring people together."

To find out more about the Insurance Search Managing Partner Program, connect with Martin Blake on LinkedIn, email

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