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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 254, 22nd January 2020
It's 2020: Is It Easy To Make A Good Podcast Yet? [Episode 254]

It's 2020: Is It Easy To Make A Good Podcast Yet? [Episode 254]

t's a lot easier to record a podcast today than it was 10 years ago. It's a lot easier to post a podcast episode today than it was when I started in 2004. It's a lot easier to manage your RSS feeds. More podcasters are aware of best practices and standards. 

So yes: the process of podcasting has gotten easier. Moreover, it will continue to get easier over time to make a podcast. 

But it still isn’t any easier to make a good podcast.

With few exceptions, all of those products & services that make it easier to podcast are designed to eliminate the rote and repetitive tasks that get in the way of the act of podcasting. While removing those low-level tasks from your brain might leave you with more time to focus on making your podcasts better, that’s not what they were designed to do.

Yes, there certainly are some improvements to make your podcast sound better. But if your waiting for a future where you will sit down, talk into a microphone, and everything else will be done perfectly for your good podcast, well… Keep hope alive.

It takes time to create good content, and software probably won’t replace your need to focus on making really good content. 

Technology doesn't stand still, and new tech not only requires someone to know how to use it, but it also allows creators to go deeper and make things better. And more complicated. It goes hand in hand.

Here’s the rub: better content means audiences are getting more demanding. As they see how good content can be, they become less forgiving of half-assed attempts. You have to step up your game to make your content attractive to them.

In the year since I first raised this topic, I’ve done a lot to make this podcast better. I hope you’ve noticed a difference. If you did, I’d appreciate it if you went to RateThisPodcast.com/podpont. It is easier to leave a nice rating or review for this show via that service. Try it out to see how simple it is.

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And if you need help with podcasting for your business or the professional service that you run; my firm is here to help. We do make it easier for our clients to have better podcasts (because we do most of the work!) Evo@podcastlaunch.pro reaches me. You can go to SimplerMedia.pro to see the list of services. 


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