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Resilience Response to Resistance
Episode 2474th February 2023 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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In this episode, Dr Brad Miller talks about resilience as a response to resistance. He will tell stories of people who show resilience and breakthrough in times of resistance.

Dr Brad Miller tells his story of him showing resilience during their vacation with his family. While rafting at the river, they were suddenly met by a storm that causes a flash flood on the river. To keep his family safe, he musters up all the resilience he has to fight the resistance of the river.

Dr Brad talks about Dr Melissa, a psychologist and a mom coach who becomes a mother without herself having a mother to rely on. Despite having resistance to depression and emotional negativity, she uses her resilience to create ways for her to overcome her circumstances and become a great mother.

Dr. Brad wants you to be resilient in your life because there are forces fighting against you that want to hinder you from having the life, serenity, prosperity, and purpose that you were promised.

In order to overcome resistance, we need resilience. And to have resilience, you need the power of the emotion of that promised goal to draw you and be an attraction thing for you. Second, you need a have the drive, which is the energy, physicality, and emotion to get you through. Lastly, know what people depend on you.

We have the option to go big or go home. So choose to be resilient in life. Because resistance wants to kill you.

Episode 247 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for any people who are being swayed by the resistance in their life. This is the time for you to decide. So choose to be resilient and fight the waves of resistance will all your might to reach the promised life we all yearn for.

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Dr. Brad Miller 0:08

Hello, good people, and welcome to Beyond adversity with

Dr. Brad Miller 0:13

Dr. Brad Miller. Pleasure and a privilege to have you with me

Dr. Brad Miller 0:18

today here on this podcast, where you and I get together

Dr. Brad Miller 0:23

and chat a little bit about things that matter about things that

Dr. Brad Miller 0:27

have to do with helping you to get through adverse life events,

Dr. Brad Miller 0:32

and to come to your life of peace and prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller 0:37

This is episode number 247. We're talking today about resilience

Dr. Brad Miller 0:45

as a response to resistance. They want you to know that it's a

Dr. Brad Miller 0:50

pleasure to privilege to have you with me, coming to you from

Dr. Brad Miller 0:53

my home office in the loft, just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Brad Miller 0:59

A beautiful, sunny, but cold January day. And I look forward to

Dr. Brad Miller 1:05

serving you for a few minutes here. Today, I come to you for the

Dr. Brad Miller 1:09

background in Christian ministry, 42 years in ministry and a doctoral

Dr. Brad Miller 1:13

degree and transformational leadership, and over 240 episodes

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of this podcast, which are designed to help you to grow through

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what you go through, you can head over to to

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get those back catalogues of episodes at the

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which is the guide to help you to create your PLP, your Promise Life Plan

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and learn about our x plan ACTS plan. The A is for action,

Dr. Brad Miller 1:44

the C is connected with a higher power. T is to think with discipline,

Dr. Brad Miller 1:48

and S is to serve others with love. We can teach you a little

Dr. Brad Miller 1:52

bit about how to do just that in episode 247. We're going to talk

Dr. Brad Miller 1:58

about resistance and resilience. And what is the response to

Dr. Brad Miller 2:03

the other. It comes with the I come to you after spending a

Dr. Brad Miller 2:06

couple of episodes talking with Melissa Riley. Hope you heard

Dr. Brad Miller 2:10

those episodes 245 and 246, where she talked about her situation

Dr. Brad Miller 2:17

where she is a mom, without a mom. And she's a psychologist

Dr. Brad Miller 2:23

and a mom coach, who she talked about the situation where

Dr. Brad Miller 2:27

she grew up with an older mother and an older sister and a

Dr. Brad Miller 2:31

younger sister. And all three of those women in her life passed away.

Dr. Brad Miller 2:38

All of them were gone by the time she was in her mid-20s.

Dr. Brad Miller 2:41

And when she came to be a mom herself in her mid-30s,

Dr. Brad Miller 2:44

she found herself without women in her life and her nuclear family.

Dr. Brad Miller 2:49

And that became a problem for her to deal with when

Dr. Brad Miller 2:53

she had children of her own dealing with postpartum

Dr. Brad Miller 2:56

depression and a number of other things and she found herself

Dr. Brad Miller 3:00

being pushed up against this problem. A problem

Dr. Brad Miller 3:05

that I like to call resistance. And I think she found in

Dr. Brad Miller 3:09

the way to deal with that was by creating a community

Dr. Brad Miller 3:13

of people to understand that she had to be very intentional

Dr. Brad Miller 3:17

about being resilient in her life, about finding women to build a

Dr. Brad Miller 3:23

community with and to, make to express her grief properly.

Dr. Brad Miller 3:29

And to do what she had to do to deal with resistance to that

Dr. Brad Miller 3:33

pushed on her from these things. Great stuff. I hope that

Dr. Brad Miller 3:38

you go to that. I want to tell you a story here today about

Dr. Brad Miller 3:42

what I found literal resistance in my life. In fact, it was a strong

Dr. Brad Miller 3:47

current that came into my life and almost swept me and my

Dr. Brad Miller 3:52

whole family away. One of the things my family did when

Dr. Brad Miller 3:56

we were to take vacations together. And we would go

Dr. Brad Miller 4:00

whitewater rafting on several occasions. We were down in

Dr. Brad Miller 4:04

Tennessee, in the Smoky Mountains there and this, was a calm

Dr. Brad Miller 4:09

day and we went whitewater rafting it was such a calm trip

Dr. Brad Miller 4:12

that our youngest son was only five years old at the time.

Dr. Brad Miller 4:16

And we went on the mildest trip you could go on that a

Dr. Brad Miller 4:19

five year old could go on. So we strapped him in and our

Dr. Brad Miller 4:23

other two kids and my wife and I and were on a boat with

Dr. Brad Miller 4:26

about three or four other people there were about, I think eight

Dr. Brad Miller 4:28

or nine of us in this rubber raft together. Very calm. Very pleasant,

Dr. Brad Miller 4:34

just a float down the river. But it was kind of sheer cliffs on both sides.

Dr. Brad Miller 4:40

It was very beautiful. It was just idyllic. We're about an hour.

Dr. Brad Miller 4:45

It's about a three-hour crew of raft ride. When

Dr. Brad Miller 4:50

storm clouds group brewed up and I have never seen quite like it.

Dr. Brad Miller 4:53

We were hit by a deluge. A thunderstorm broke open, and we

Dr. Brad Miller 4:58

were hit with a deluge have run ain't like I have never experienced

Dr. Brad Miller 5:02

before since really in such a massive amount of water in such a

Dr. Brad Miller 5:05

short amount of time, and it created a flash flood. And all of a

Dr. Brad Miller 5:11

sudden our pleasant little ride turned into a literal whitewater

Dr. Brad Miller 5:17

rafting trip down a raging river with a little guard, our five year

Dr. Brad Miller 5:22

old son wasn't the only little kid with us. And these were a

Dr. Brad Miller 5:26

team of two rafts. And we went going down the river and the guys

Dr. Brad Miller 5:30

we're trying to help us. But we ended up having to ground the rafts

Dr. Brad Miller 5:35

and a little sandbar on the side of the, on the side of the river that

Dr. Brad Miller 5:40

and we put the graphs above our heads to protect ourselves for a

Dr. Brad Miller 5:43

little while. And we stayed there for probably an hour underneath

Dr. Brad Miller 5:47

these rafts with little kids and, the situation is you might be able

Dr. Brad Miller 5:51

to imagine. And if he came with the rain clear just a little bit, it became

Dr. Brad Miller 5:56

clear what we had to do, we had to get across this river. And we

Dr. Brad Miller 5:59

could look across the river and there was a road over there and

Dr. Brad Miller 6:02

it was a little trailer off in the distance, we had to get across

Dr. Brad Miller 6:05

this river and get our kids across there. So myself and a couple

Dr. Brad Miller 6:10

other men who were there, we took it upon ourselves then to

Dr. Brad Miller 6:16

wade through the river, which was chest and neck deep with

Dr. Brad Miller 6:20

the current pushing against us, and to take these rafts,

Dr. Brad Miller 6:24

with our little kids in them and our spouses and everyone else

Dr. Brad Miller 6:28

and literally, walk through the river across to the other side.

Dr. Brad Miller 6:35

And that current was pushing upon me and the other fellows.

Dr. Brad Miller 6:38

And but we had a goal to go we had a place we needed to go,

Dr. Brad Miller 6:41

we knew we need to get across this river to that road. And to that little,

Dr. Brad Miller 6:46

that little trailer over there. And in order to say your families,

Dr. Brad Miller 6:49

and it was, you know, we'd look back on this story with a lot

Dr. Brad Miller 6:53

of fun. But it was pretty serious stuff.

Dr. Brad Miller 6:56

Because this river was raging up against chest high neck high

Dr. Brad Miller 7:01

on me and the other men, and we had little kids with us and it

Dr. Brad Miller 7:04

was raining. And it was a serious situation. But you know,

Dr. Brad Miller 7:08

we had the complete and total motivation to get across that river

Dr. Brad Miller 7:12

to the other side. And that resistance of the current was not going

Dr. Brad Miller 7:17

to stop us from doing what we had to do to save our families.

Dr. Brad Miller 7:23

So we got through the resistance of the river in order to get through,

Dr. Brad Miller 7:30

be resilient in this prospect. And our kids and our families were great.

Dr. Brad Miller 7:33

And this whole process they were about to do is a pretty serious situation.

Dr. Brad Miller 7:37

We got through it together to get to the other side. And eventually,

Dr. Brad Miller 7:42

we make all of us got across the river to the promised land as

Dr. Brad Miller 7:47

it were. And we made it there. And we got in a van was called

Dr. Brad Miller 7:53

and we made it out of that predicament. But it didn't take it didn't

Dr. Brad Miller 8:00

come without some scary times. And we had to be resilient.

Dr. Brad Miller 8:06

And to get through the situation at hand. I want to share with

Dr. Brad Miller 8:13

you a little bit about a book I read a while back. It's called do the

Dr. Brad Miller 8:19

work by an author by the name of Steven Pressfield. He

Dr. Brad Miller 8:23

wrote a couple of books. He's written a whole bunch of books,

Dr. Brad Miller 8:27

wrote up a play that wrote a book that was made into a movie

Dr. Brad Miller 8:32

called The Legend of Bagger Vance. He'd written some books

Dr. Brad Miller 8:37

of fictional books. They also read a couple of books about writing

Dr. Brad Miller 8:41

and about this topic, he calls the resistance, the resistance, which

Dr. Brad Miller 8:46

is any force that is looking to take you out of a forest that wants to

Dr. Brad Miller 8:51

kill you, and keep you away from your dreams. And he says this

Dr. Brad Miller 8:57

and he wrote this book in:

Dr. Brad Miller 9:01

it's some of the things he said is that the resistance is that is

Dr. Brad Miller 9:04

which is going to take you away from that which you want to be

Dr. Brad Miller 9:08

about. And it's not rational. And it is your enemy. It wants to

Dr. Brad Miller 9:13

kill you. And it's all about self-loathing and perfectionism,

Dr. Brad Miller 9:19

procrastination, addiction, distraction, timidity, ego, narcissism,

Dr. Brad Miller 9:24

and those types of things and anything you want to do

Dr. Brad Miller 9:26

this worthwhile. Resistance is going to try to keep you from

Dr. Brad Miller 9:31

doing it. It's invisible. It's insidious. He says It's infallible. It never

Dr. Brad Miller 9:37

sleeps and it plays for keeps. It wants to keep you away.

Dr. Brad Miller 9:42

It is irrational. And what do you do to respond to it?

Dr. Brad Miller 9:48

That's what he talks about. He talks about his book about

Dr. Brad Miller 9:49

how you respond to it. You have to respond to this. forces

Dr. Brad Miller 9:54

that want to keep you from your promised life your promised

Dr. Brad Miller 9:57

land, with faith And with passion and stupidity calls and stubbornness.

Dr. Brad Miller:

I'm reminded of the biblical story of the children of Israel who

Dr. Brad Miller:

Moses took from slavery in Egypt under Pharaoh to what was

Dr. Brad Miller:

called the promised land, and it took 40 years to get there.

Dr. Brad Miller:

But in order to get to the promised land, the land of milk

Dr. Brad Miller:

and honey, of plenty and sustenance, they had to get through

Dr. Brad Miller:

the Red Sea. And the Red Sea was opened up for them, bu

Dr. Brad Miller:

the currents were there and they had to push back the currents,

Dr. Brad Miller:

or the resistance of Pharaoh's army was chasing him, and

Dr. Brad Miller:

the resistance of people who would deny him and hold him back.

Dr. Brad Miller:

And the waters were held back, the resistance was there in

Dr. Brad Miller:

all those ways. And Moses had to be persistent, and resilient

Dr. Brad Miller:

to help lead the people through that and get through that.

Dr. Brad Miller:

And eventually, not without a lot of terrible, tough, ridiculous times.

Dr. Brad Miller:

They were resilient, and they got through the desert, got through

Dr. Brad Miller:

the wilderness experience, to the promised land. Now, friend, I

Dr. Brad Miller:

love you. And I want to, I want to share with you that you

Dr. Brad Miller:

have to have some of the same stuff here. You have to be

Dr. Brad Miller:

resilient in your life, because there are forces that are working

Dr. Brad Miller:

against you, and want to keep you from your promised life, peace

Dr. Brad Miller:

and prosperity, and purpose. They want you to be lost. And

Dr. Brad Miller:

be devastated that Pressfield calls it rewriting your life. And I

Dr. Brad Miller:

would like to say it is about resilience in your life. And having

Dr. Brad Miller:

that goal to go through. That's what I would like to invite

Dr. Brad Miller:

you to be thinking about here. Today, as we learned some

Dr. Brad Miller:

lessons from our guests. In our previous podcast blesser

Dr. Brad Miller:

Reilly, her story was incredible of getting through the

Dr. Brad Miller:

postpartum depression, by choosing to connect with other

Dr. Brad Miller:

people grieving appropriately connected to a higher power.

Dr. Brad Miller:

That's what she did. And myself and my kids and a rafting trip.

Dr. Brad Miller:

And our families, we were praying hard, and that ran for an hour.

Dr. Brad Miller:

We were waiting to get through. We but had to take action,

Dr. Brad Miller:

we had to get through it. So here's what I here's three points

Dr. Brad Miller:

I want to give you what I think may just be helpful to you, in

Dr. Brad Miller:

the process of helping you to have resilience in your life,

Dr. Brad Miller:

to get through the things the resistance that wants to hold

Dr. Brad Miller:

you back and wants to crush you. Resilience.

Dr. Brad Miller:

Number one, you need the power of that promised life the

Dr. Brad Miller:

emotion of that promised goal, to draw you to be an attraction

Dr. Brad Miller:

thing for you. Okay. For Melissa, it was the promise of being a

Dr. Brad Miller:

good mother to her children. Even though she didn't have a

Dr. Brad Miller:

mom of her own. For me, my family was getting to the other

Dr. Brad Miller:

side of that river. For Moses, it was getting through the Red Sea.

Dr. Brad Miller:

What is it for you? What is it draws you it has to be emotional,

Dr. Brad Miller:

it has to be powerful. It cannot be just a minimalistic thing.

Dr. Brad Miller:

It has to be a gigantic thing. You hit the leverage and ramp

Dr. Brad Miller:

up the big why here. I like to call it the promised life of

Dr. Brad Miller:

peace and prosperity and purpose. Peace speech, you

Dr. Brad Miller:

want peace of mind, you want to have some clarity.

Dr. Brad Miller:

You want to have that sensibility in your mental health.

Dr. Brad Miller:

And prosperity means you've got your physical health,

Dr. Brad Miller:

it means you've got the resources that you need in your

Dr. Brad Miller:

life and purpose mean you're living for something greater

Dr. Brad Miller:

than self. You can do this, but that's what it means to pull

Dr. Brad Miller:

you through. It might be getting through cancer, it might

Dr. Brad Miller:

mean having a great marriage, it might mean having some

Dr. Brad Miller:

financial, get a new job or have some financial goals.

Dr. Brad Miller:

What is the big why that pulls you through? That has to

Dr. Brad Miller:

draw you out. That's number one. What's your promised

Dr. Brad Miller:

life to draw you? The number two thing is having the

Dr. Brad Miller:

presence at hand in mind as you go through this of how

Dr. Brad Miller:

bad do you want it? How bad do you want and that's to

Dr. Brad Miller:

drive okay, if the first point is about a draw to draw you.

Dr. Brad Miller:

This next point is about drive. You have to have the energy

Dr. Brad Miller:

and the resources and the will to do it. See Melissa,

Dr. Brad Miller:

one of the things she did is she purposely sought out

Dr. Brad Miller:

relationships with other women she called them wise

Dr. Brad Miller:

women that she drew around her to be her resources,

Dr. Brad Miller:

because she didn't have a mom, she didn't even have

Dr. Brad Miller:

sisters to be her resource when she needed the resource

Dr. Brad Miller:

of women to be up, she was being a mom herself.

Dr. Brad Miller:

In my case, I got together with the other men in this group

Dr. Brad Miller:

and other the whole the families and we made a plan, because

Dr. Brad Miller:

we knew we couldn't wait there forever on the edge of that river.

Dr. Brad Miller:

We made a plan and we got after it, and we got out of the river

Dr. Brad Miller:

up to our necks and we went after it. You have to have the drive

Dr. Brad Miller:

and the energy, the physicality, the emotion to get you through.

Dr. Brad Miller:

That's drive. So the first point is to draw what draws you what's

Dr. Brad Miller:

your goal. The second point is what drives you. And the

Dr. Brad Miller:

third point, I think this is an important one is what about the

Dr. Brad Miller:

people impacted by what you're about? That is who depends

Dr. Brad Miller:

on you. That's the D of depends. Thinking about that. Allow

Dr. Brad Miller:

yourself the responsibility, and the luxury, if you will, and the

Dr. Brad Miller:

opportunity to serve people that you love or serve people tha

Dr. Brad Miller:

t are dependent on some of the decisions that you make. Melissa,

Dr. Brad Miller:

Dr. Reilly had children of her own to deal with now she

Dr. Brad Miller:

had responsibilities there. She could not stay stuck, and

Dr. Brad Miller:

her depression and be a good mother to her children, her

Dr. Brad Miller:

children. Based out if she couldn't just stay stuck in the

Dr. Brad Miller:

the situation, she found herself the circumstances she found

Dr. Brad Miller:

herself in. And myself and the other folks on this rafting trip,

Dr. Brad Miller:

we could not you know, we had little kids who were depend

Dr. Brad Miller:

on us, I had a five-year-old son. And at that night, a five year

Dr. Brad Miller:

old son, and a eight-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter

Dr. Brad Miller:

with me. And my wife and these other people, little kids

Dr. Brad Miller:

as well, depending on the decisions that we made. Dependent

Dr. Brad Miller:

on the decisions that we made. And Moses, the children of Israel,

Dr. Brad Miller:

he had this whole nation that was dependent on the on the

Dr. Brad Miller:

decisions that he made. You need to feel appropriate pressure,

Dr. Brad Miller:

I think the pressure is not always a bad thing. It's a good thing,

Dr. Brad Miller:

the appropriate pressure to serve those who are in your life.

Dr. Brad Miller:

So what do you got to do? I want to encourage you to choose

Dr. Brad Miller:

to be resilient, because it is a choice. Choose to be resilient

Dr. Brad Miller:

in your life. Because resistance wants to kill you. It

Dr. Brad Miller:

wants to take you out, and you just gotta go big, go big or go

Dr. Brad Miller:

home. You know, that's what we need to do. And you know,

Dr. Brad Miller:

Pressfield talks about rewriting your life, I want to say you know,

Dr. Brad Miller:

have a ramp up your resilience. So let's go through those things

Dr. Brad Miller:

one more time, to build resilience in your life. What are you going

Dr. Brad Miller:

to do? The power of the goal, or your promise life to draw

Dr. Brad Miller:

you? What goes is going to draw you and attract you, what do

Dr. Brad Miller:

you is going to is what's going to drive you the emotion of the

Dr. Brad Miller:

moment how bad you want to do this. And then the D, next D

Dr. Brad Miller:

is dependent on who, and what people depend on you. That makes

Dr. Brad Miller:

all the difference. It's all about love and caring. I call this the

Dr. Brad Miller:

I call the process, I like to use the ACTS plan that helps you

Dr. Brad Miller:

get there. The idea is to identify the problem, whatever

Dr. Brad Miller:

it is the adversity. We like to call here on Beyond adversity.

Dr. Brad Miller:

And then to get beyond that. How do you get beyond that?

Dr. Brad Miller:

Well, the first thing you do is take action.

Dr. Brad Miller:

That's the word ACTS, the letter A is to take action,

Dr. Brad Miller:

whatever it is, you know, Moses had to actually get the

Dr. Brad Miller:

people together and leave to go to the Red Sea. How to

Dr. Brad Miller:

get through the Red Sea. They didn't know. My mother

Dr. Brad Miller:

meant on this rafting trip. We literally didn't know when we

Dr. Brad Miller:

stepped down that river. If we were going to sink to the bottom

Dr. Brad Miller:

of the river, which was raging was it was 15 feet deeper,

Dr. Brad Miller:

whatever, we're able to walk across it, but we didn't know.

Dr. Brad Miller:

We thought we might have to swim for it. But you got to

Dr. Brad Miller:

get out there and you got to get wet. Okay, Melissa,

Dr. Brad Miller:

decided to take action as well. What are you going to do?

Dr. Brad Miller:

That's the A action you got to move. Get off your rear end

Dr. Brad Miller:

and do something. Take some action to see in the word of

Dr. Brad Miller:

ACTS is to connect with a higher power to be prayerful, okay,

Dr. Brad Miller:

to be prayerful or to connect with the power greater than self.

Dr. Brad Miller:

All right. That's what we're talking about here. Melissa.

Dr. Brad Miller:

found a home in a church family. Part of her faith development

Dr. Brad Miller:

was a part of the process. I'm a praying person. Moses

Dr. Brad Miller:

was a praying person who went up on the mound to get the 10

Dr. Brad Miller:

command moments, some of you know the story.

Dr. Brad Miller:

Whatever it is for you connect something deeper and inner life

Dr. Brad Miller:

or prayer life, journal, or other things that you can do in that way.

Dr. Brad Miller:

So that's the A is to take action to see what is connected with higher

Dr. Brad Miller:

power to use to think but discipline. That's your process,

Dr. Brad Miller:

what are you going to do? For Melissa, she began a

Dr. Brad Miller:

process of having a what's appropriate grief? How do

Dr. Brad Miller:

you design a support system? And then how do you

Dr. Brad Miller:

expect to be resilient in the process of learning, learning

Dr. Brad Miller:

that moving forward? For me and the other gentleman,

Dr. Brad Miller:

at the end of the rafting trip, we develop a plan we

Dr. Brad Miller:

had to get across that river, some of us did, at least

Dr. Brad Miller:

to get to that, get that trailer across the way and call

Dr. Brad Miller:

for help. What's it going to be for you? What's your process,

Dr. Brad Miller:

you're gonna have a process here. It's not all about

Dr. Brad Miller:

emotion only. It's about a process, what are you going

Dr. Brad Miller:

to do? So that's the A's to action to see Connect for

Dr. Brad Miller:

higher power to theta, think with discipline, you gotta have

Dr. Brad Miller:

discipline here. And they so serve others with love. Okay?

Dr. Brad Miller:

That's, you know, Moses loved his people got him through

Dr. Brad Miller:

the power to the Promised Land eventually, even though

Dr. Brad Miller:

he didn't see it himself. Melissa loved her own kids enough

Dr. Brad Miller:

to do whatever it took to serve them. In my case, love my

Dr. Brad Miller:

own kids, and so on, serve others with love, in order to get

Dr. Brad Miller:

through to that promised life. And guess what, everybody, I

Dr. Brad Miller:

love you, too. I love you too. And I want to help teach you

Dr. Brad Miller:

and help to love on you a little bit, to help you to get through

Dr. Brad Miller:

whatever, you know, whatever problems that you have,

Dr. Brad Miller:

whatever resistance that you have in your life, in order to have the

Dr. Brad Miller:

resilience that you need to get through it. We have here

Dr. Brad Miller:

at at my website, DrBrad Now well, you know,

Dr. Brad Miller:

to over 240 episodes of this podcast, we look to help you to

Dr. Brad Miller:

deal with adversity. We define adversity as the five ds of adversity,

Dr. Brad Miller:

depression, anything to do with mental health-related

Dr. Brad Miller:

things. As the D of depression, divorce, the D of divorce,

Dr. Brad Miller:

which is not only marital divorce but any problems related to

Dr. Brad Miller:

relationships. You know, it could be in the family, it could be

Dr. Brad Miller:

workplace related could be with somebody else. So that's

Dr. Brad Miller:

depression, there's divorce. A third one is disease, health

Dr. Brad Miller:

related things. Right now I'm dealing with cancer myself,

Dr. Brad Miller:

that I have to deal with that. What are you dealing with,

Dr. Brad Miller:

you got to get through that health related things can bring

Dr. Brad Miller:

you down, they can be a point of resistance if you allow

Dr. Brad Miller:

them to be. So depression, divorce, disease, debt, financial

Dr. Brad Miller:

related things. Money is a factor, right? We always want to have

Dr. Brad Miller:

that resource money, and money and other resources. If

Dr. Brad Miller:

we allow them to can drag us down. They can be a huge

Dr. Brad Miller:

resistance. We have great, great people on our podcast,

Dr. Brad Miller:

to speak to these issues, financial management and how it

Dr. Brad Miller:

relates how it's all interconnected, integrated with our

Dr. Brad Miller:

emotional and our spiritual life as well. And then the

Dr. Brad Miller:

biggie is death, the D for death, that's end of life issues,

Dr. Brad Miller:

the death of a loved one, our own mortality to deal with that.

Dr. Brad Miller:

It scares people, songs, care, some of us to death, really.

Dr. Brad Miller:

But we help you deal with that end-of-life issues as well.

Dr. Brad Miller:

I'm here to help you. I have a background as a pastor at 42

Dr. Brad Miller:

years as a pastor, a doctoral degree in transformational leadership,

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I can help you. Part of what I teach here today is what that's about.

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I would love to bring in these guests to help you as well, why?

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Because I love you. I love you, and I care for you. And if we

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can help you get on our mailing list there at DrBradmillercom.

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And we'll see what we can do. Let's work on this together

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with other resources as we go on down the road. We invite

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you to check us out every week here on the beyond a

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adversity podcast, as we help you to navigate adversity

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in your life and to grow through whatever it is that

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you go through. So until next time, good people.

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This is Dr. Brad Miller. And I invite you to

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always do all the good that you can