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That Thing About Messages From The Other Side
Episode 62nd March 2020 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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Welcome to this week’s episode “That Thing About Messages from the Other Side” with Marisa Meddin a Clairvoyant Medium who has a unique gift of talking to the other side and transcribing that message to you via a written letter. Through a variety of clairvoyant, medium, and online reading, Marisa communicates with your loved one in a unique way that may answer your questions, and provide through them the guidance you have been looking for to take the next steps in your life! If you didn’t get to say goodbye, or that one more thing you or they wanted to say here is your chance to get some closure. You will learn how a psychic medium could be the resource you need to connect, heal, and move forward in your life, and to recognize the signs they are sending to let you know they are near. AS promised here is a link for a copy of a letter written by Marisa that is an amazing connection and message from the other side: Here is the Blog Post Marisa promised:

You can contact Marisa vis her website or email if you are interested in in connecting with your loved one.

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