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How to Make Money Podcasting - Jase Kraft EPISODE 7, 12th May 2021
7: Niching Down Makes You More Valuable - Leah Marks
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7: Niching Down Makes You More Valuable - Leah Marks

Today I'm sitting down with the co-host of The Voiceover Social and voice artist, Leah Marks. The Voiceover Social started in 2015 and is consistently reviewed as not boring.

Leah Marks and Nick Redman mashed together interviews, investigation, and problem-solving in this cheerful show for voice-over types. There's a new episode, the first of every month, and you can find out more from them at https://www.thevosocial.com/

Today we shed light on how to maximize $$ from sponsorships

How to Find a Sponsor for Your Podcast, Without Selling your Soul:


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