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The Veterinarian Success Podcast - Isaiah Douglass EPISODE 78, 14th March 2021
#78 Julie Squires - Rekindling Veterinary Well-being
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#78 Julie Squires - Rekindling Veterinary Well-being

In this episode, I'm joined by Julie Squires. Julie is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Certified Life Coach & Podcaster. She’s had over 25 years of experience working within the veterinary field. You heard Dr. Jenni Rizzo in show #69 sing the praises of Julie so naturally had to get her on the show.

  • The draw of veterinary medicine for her.
  • The "cost of caring" and digging into the struggle within vet med.
  • Women and coaching - what she sees most.
  • Alcohol abuse and veterinary medicine.
  • Julie's story on being a coach and getting coached.
  • Julie's podcast and lessons learned.
  • A great question for me.

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