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Finding your Inner Badass: Elen Sentier's Way of Authentic Living
Episode 1047th September 2023 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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Ellen Sentier is, as she would call herself, a witchy woman. She was raised in the old ways of Great Britain, with a profound connection to nature, celestial bodies, and inner wisdom. 

Like so many of my guests, her life journey, told in wonderful stories, kept me rapt. From her experiences as a hippie in the 60s, to her career transition from dance, drama, and art to psychotherapy and business coaching, she’s had a full life. She even reveals how she managed to hitch a ride in a fighter trainer jet!

Rheumatoid arthritis showed up and ended her dance career, but she took it all in stride and looked for the next thing.  “So it was a jump. And one of the biggest leaps that I took, 'cause I'm not the sort of woman who can, you know, be happy with bingo or afternoon TV or something like that.”

When a friend invited her to a lecture on transpersonal psychotherapy she thought, sure, why not but what’s that? By the end of the lecture she was hooked. Enter the next chapter of her career.

By way of teaching about the cycles of the moon and how they affect all of us, no matter our gender, she talked about her unique management style, harnessing the power of moon cycles to enhance her then team’s efficiency. 

She was able to understand her team's work and organize their tasks in alignment with the moon phases, ultimately improving creativity and productivity.

Finally, we explore the importance of intentional being, thinking, connecting with our inner wisdom. 

Also, the power of questioning the status quo. We are both rebels at heart. Thankfully, Elen had her witchy ways and I had a mother who encouraged me to “question everything.” 

She talks to the energies around her when things are lost or when she needs an answer to something. I’ll admit I do too.

Ellen also shares how she encourages young people to explore possibilities and how she tailors retreats to suit individual needs for personal growth. So, tune in and get ready to unleash the badass within you.

Elen has a podcast and you can find out more about her here.

Her coaching programs are here.