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395: Getting Sales Right with Katie Nelson
19th June 2024 • STaR Coach Show • Meg Rentschler
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Most coaches admit to a love/hate relationship with sales. They either avoid everything to do with selling, or they are blessed with natural gifts that make selling easy. Today’s guest is a natural salesperson, and she has practical tips to share that can help make sales a much less painful—and maybe even enjoyable—part of entrepreneurship. Join us to up your sales game!

Katie Nelson, the founder and CEO of Sales UpRising, is a three-time business owner who has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to play smarter in the “big leagues.” Known as “The Sales Catalyst,” she is a sales-loving, straight-to-the-point, let’s-get-down-to-brass-tacks sales coach with a solid entrepreneurial background and many years of sales experience. She pinpoints relationship-building as the key to sales success and is firmly committed to changing the current statistic that 90% of businesses do not meet their sales goals. Katie has developed the mantra: “Cashflow is oxygen.” Using her charismatic style as a speaker, consultant, and business coach, Katie’s mission is to bring fun back into sales and encourage business owners to make their revenue dreams happen and be their own best spokesperson. With a total of 25 years in sales and $150 million sold in products and services, Katie is adamant that every business action is a sales conversation. Her strategies have achieved sales of more than $7 million in her businesses! Her proven strategies for success are transforming mediocre companies into profit-making powerhouses. Through hard work, determination, and networking, Katie has built a brand that helps entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level, and her workshops, Mastermind courses, and business retreats are always in high demand. She is active in the small business community in northern Virginia as she works with a wide variety of business associations to steer them toward successful and profitable business growth. 

Show Highlights:

  • Katie’s perspective on the statement: “But I just want to coach; I don’t want to do sales.”
  • All about assuming!
  • Sales accessibility, sales-like conversations, and saying YES to selling
  • Making sales easier with repetition
  • The truth: “For even the best salesperson, the majority of selling is rejection.”
  • Rethinking what it means to rely on referrals
  • The four stages of business: startup, base, expand, and thrive
  • Your #1 skill as a business owner is selling!
  • Common barriers Katie sees in her clients
  • Creating more “runway” for your “plane”--”The bigger your dream, the bigger your plane; the bigger your plane, the longer the runway.”
  • Getting your system down by asking the right questions
  • Katie’s advice about accessible sales for everyone


Connect with Katie Nelson: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Katie’s book updates on All Love, No Bullshit: The Sales Edition (publishing on June 26, 2024)

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