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Building Boundaries to Avoid Burnout with Caitlin Donovan
Episode 5815th September 2021 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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Remember the children’s book The Giving Tree. A tree that loved a boy so much that she literally gave all of herself to him. That boy had no boundaries, but neither did the tree. Had she had boundaries that story would have had a much happier ending. 

Boundaries are important - they help us avoid resentment, burnout and stress. So how do we establish boundaries? How can we create boundaries without feeling guilty? Listen in as I talk with burnout and boundary expert Caitlin Donovan as she walks us through the transformative power of boundaries and how to create them. 

Drink of the week: Captain and Cider

There is no recipe. I made it up. It’s just Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Apple cider (hot or cold) and a cinnamon stick.

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