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A Deep Dive on Decoupling Applications: An Overview of Decoupled Applications & Systems - Part 1 - Tag1 TeamTalk
Episode 5322nd March 2021 • Tag1 Team Talks | The Tag1 Consulting Podcast • Tag1 Consulting, Inc.
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From the early days of #Drupal's remarkably prescient web services to the adoption of the #JSONAPI standard in Drupal core, to the innovation surrounding #GraphQL and the Decoupled Menus Initiative in Drupal, how has #DecoupledDrupal evolved over the years and why is it still in vogue?

Learn from Preston So, the author of the bible on #HeadlessDrupal, co-originator of the term progressive decoupling, and Tag1 Consulting's Editor in Chief in this wide-ranging conversation with Michael Meyers about the past, present, and future of decoupled architectures and decoupled Drupal's role in shaping the paradigm.