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Unveiling the Role of Shame in Our Lives with Elle Bright
Episode 641st November 2023 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode64: Unveiling the Role of Shame in Our Lives with Elle Bright


Today my special guest is Elle Bright.

Like most of us, I've been trapped in the claws of shame and the fear of rejection, constantly molding myself to fit into society's expectations. With the help of Elle Bright, an expert hypnotherapist and boudoir photographer, I've begun to understand the power of authenticity and boundaries. In our intimate conversation, Elle guides us through a transformative journey of self-discovery, revealing startling truths about shame and how it hampers our ability to live authentically. Our candid talk promises to enlighten you on the significance of attending to our own needs and the role of creating safety within ourselves.

Have you ever felt like your relationships are a constant battle, riddled with power struggles? As Elle Bright suggests, this could be due to the fear of rejection that leads to a disconnect from our own needs and desires, ultimately affecting our self-worth. In our discussion, we dissect these fears and patterns of behavior that lead to emotional exhaustion, and Elle provides practical suggestions to navigate relationship challenges. We also delve into the concept of conflict deconstruction - a process of gaining self-knowledge and making different choices that has the potential to free us from these emotional shackles.

Acceptance is a powerful tool in our journey of self-awareness and growth. As we venture further into our conversation with Elle, we discuss the power of acceptance in understanding and releasing shame. Elle also shares her insights on personal growth and the strength of acceptance in comprehending and releasing shame. We discuss the healing power of connection and how coaching can guide us in identifying and addressing our own shame and guilt. Together, we uncover the complex dynamics of connection and identity, and the importance of nurturing relationships with those who cherish us for who we truly are. Come, join us in this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and learn to live life authentically on your own terms.

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