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Love Your Story - Lori Lee 20th March 2019
Episode 131 Interview Katie Lee- It’s Inspirational Music Time
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Episode 131 Interview Katie Lee- It’s Inspirational Music Time

Episode 131 Interview Katie Lee- It’s Inspirational Music Time

I’ve been looking for some really good music for the podcast. Well, I found a singer/songwriter that I’m going to share with you today. Get ready for some inspirational music – full songs!

Katie Lee is a Special Ed. Preschool Teacher and Singer/Songwriter. She is originally from Arizona but has been in Utah for 10 years. She enjoys performing in whatever capacity she can. She often plays local acoustic shows, weddings, retreats and just held her first religious musical fireside, but I think she ought to be much bigger. This girl is TALENTED.  She is a lover of people and bringing light and joy into others lives, so she’s sharing her music with you today. She loves a good adventure and can make simple things fun.

Today she is going to share three of her original pieces of music with us. It’s a special inspirational musical treat today!

Tune in for my discussion with Katie Lee and for her wonderful music.


“Here” – played in the into at [2:00] minutes

“God is Aware” – played at [9:00]

“Trust Grace” – played at [19:00]

God is Aware struck a note with me because so many of the stories we share on this podcast are about the spaces when we are fighting the dragons in our stories and we want to feel God has our back. We don’t want to feel alone. We want miracles. God is aware of every prayer and every bended knee – when you can’t see, don’t give into doubt.

Trust Grace is a song that helps us look into Katie’s own story of overcoming her trials with trichotillomania.

To find her music or to follow her go to:

Free download @noisetrade.com/katielee  (Noise Trade)

Instagram: @ktleeitsme

Facebook: Katie Lee Music

YouTube: www.youtube.com/katieleemusic