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What If I Only Have 10k to Invest?
Episode 4819th March 2023 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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THIS investment changed everything for me! Tune in to hear what I would do if I only had 10k to invest.

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Show Notes:

If you want to become an investor or make more deals I’m sharing exactly what I do and would do if I were in your shoes! It all starts with setting aside funds for investments and keeping your eyes open to look for opportunities to make desks! Give that money a purpose! In this episode, I’m answering a couple questions I got in my DM’s that relate to investing. How can I get my husband on the same page and want to invest? What if I only have 10k to invest and get started? Tune in to hear what this looked like for me and Chase, and tips you can apply today that I’ve seen change EVERYTHING for the Mommy Millionaires we’ve helped. I’d love to answer your questions on an upcoming podcast! Send me a DM on instagram! 

01:15 Are you committed to investing in assets or being in debt?

04:30 Why I created a separate investment account that no one else had access to.

07:00 The Proverbs 31 woman was doing the work and investing.

09:15 If I only had 10k to invest, this is what I would do.