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Should I Be Growing Faster?
Episode 201st November 2021 • The Art Of Entrepreneurship • Jackie Hermes
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Happy November! In today’s episode of Big Questions, Short Answers, we’re talking about a question I ask myself all the time: should I be growing faster? Unfortunately, the startup world has continued to glorify sudden growth. My two cents? There is honor in growing slowly and steadily over time.

In this episode, we discuss how quickly you should be growing. My entire story is one of pretty slow progress, and I am proud of that because slow progress is a product of persistence, patience, and hard work. Growth is something to be proud of no matter how quickly or slowly it happened

Ultimately, if you’re here listening, you’re already putting aside time to grow (which puts you ahead in so many ways). Have faith in the process and have faith in yourself. Keep going! 

Episode highlights:

01:03 - Growth almost never comes fast, and change almost never comes fast either. 

02:49 - Who determines how quickly a company should grow? And what is fast? It depends on what you’re comparing your growth to. 

03:31 - My progress has been a long slow path as well. 

06:35 - Have faith in the process, and have faith in yourself. Keep going. It does not matter how fast or slow you go, as long as you continue on. 


Jackie Hermes