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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max EPISODE 41, 17th July 2018
Considering Blood Stasis • Greg Livingston • Qi041
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Considering Blood Stasis • Greg Livingston • Qi041

The words "qi and blood stasis" frequently work their way into our diagnosis of a patient's situation. But getting blood stasis from the realm of theory and  into our perceptual vocabulary takes some practice. And this can be quite helpful especially when working with cases that don't resolve the way we think they should.

In this conversation we look into how the long term effects of blood stasis can cause problems 5, 10, 20 years down the road that become baffling as the usual stuff just doesn't work. Or makes things worse.

Listen in for how paying attention to this commonly seen problem in clinic can help you to improve clinical results and unwind some knotty problems.


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