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The Dementia Connection Model with Dr Jennifer Stelter
Episode 452nd February 2024 • Life on Repeat: A Dementia Caregiver Podcast • Laura Vaillancourt
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The Dementia Connection Model: Non-Pharmacological Tools for Better Dementia Care

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Laura Vaillancourt talks to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Stelter, who co-owns the Dementia Connection Institute. Dr. Stelter has created the Dementia Connection Model, aiming to improve dementia care through non-pharmacologic interventions.

Dr. Stelter discusses how she linked theoretical concepts, such as retrogenesis theory, to practical treatments like sensory stimulation for dementia patients, revealing the impact of these methods on their moods and behavior.

Dr. Stelter's model applies to all caregivers, both professional and family, and involves evaluating dementia patients' needs based on their developmental age, not their chronological age. The results are impactful and long-term, incorporating these methods into daily routines as a 'prescription' for dementia care.

Check out Dr. Stelter's book, 'The Busy Caregiver's Guide to Advanced Alzheimer's Disease', which details very helpful information and great insights related to caregiving. Learn more about the Dementia Connection Model and Dr Stelter's work in the world of dementia care.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

01:23 Dr. Jennifer Stelter's Journey into Dementia Care

04:19 Introduction to the Dementia Connection Model

04:43 The Development and Pillars of the Dementia Connection Model

09:15 The Impact of Sensory Stimulation in Dementia Care

12:41 The Cognitive Behavioral Theory in Dementia Care

16:34 Practical Implementation of the Dementia Connection Model

21:15 The Power of Contrast in Food Presentation

21:34 The Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet for Dementia Patients

22:18 Impressive Results from the Three-Month Implementation

22:36 The Impact of the Study on Dementia Care Assisted Living

23:07 The Financial Benefits of the Study

25:08 The Role of the Book in Spreading the Knowledge

26:53 The Importance of Creativity in Dementia Care

29:59 The Concept of Prescriptive Engagement

36:46 The Future of Dementia Care and the Dementia Connection Institute

39:18 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

39:42 Closing Remarks and Contact Information


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