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Why Waiting Until Year-End for Annual Appraisals Is a Mistake (And What To Do If You Secretly Dread Them) [Episode 030]
Episode 303rd February 2023 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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72% of line managers in our current research study say they don't feel confident giving feedback, and only 7% of line managers said their employer had ever given them training on how to deliver feedback in ways that are safe and that inspire performance improvements.

So it's no wonder we leave it until December.

This episode is for you if you're up for taking the next step towards mastery in your feedback skills, you're on a mission to inspire and empower your teams, but you secretly dread December's annual appraisals.

What we'll cover today:

  1. the little-known truth about how most managers feel about feedback
  2. why some people thrive on feedback and others dread it
  3. what our research shows about how our inner attitude, as leaders, impacts the effectiveness of the feedback
  4. the tangible risks of sub-standard feedback
  5. why we need to ditch the 360 degree performance review
  6. simple things we can start today, to make feedback something people value and even look forward to

Resources from today's episode:

Take the feedback mastery scorecard to get your score on the 3 pillars of feedback, plus a personalised action plan.

Read: How to handle performance review anxiety (even if you're the one giving the feedback!)

Read: Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Heads-up: audiobook version coming very, very soon.

Clear your feedback baggage with my inspirational hybrid coaching programme: The Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp

Get on the waiting list for the next round of my Feedback Mastery Workshop

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