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Dr. Rochelle Haynes - CEO and Founder of Crowd Potential & Gig HR Expert
Episode 619th May 2021 • UpTick - Caribbean Innovators Live • Chike Farrell - Caribbean Ideas Synapse
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I’m always interested in understanding what leads to greatness. How people from all around the world and especially in the Caribbean build the belief that they can impact the world.  

What’s interesting is that things often don’t start off with such a grandiose idea. Often great ideas start with being curious about something you see in the world, and then following the trail of your curiosity to an insight. And then you do the work to validate that your insight has relevance to more people.    

 In an earlier episode this season Ron Johnson of Blue Print Creative mentioned the work that Dr. Rochelle Haynes of Crowd Potential UK has been doing and as I learnt more about her work I knew we had to add her to this season’s roster so that listeners could hear her story.   

Rochelle and her  business partners have the copyright around a set of frameworks related to the idea of Gig HR, and they are some of the leading thinkers on a hugely important area, how  organizations and people can think about designing their operations to adapt to the Gig Economy. In just the United States, in 2018 it was estimated that 36% of workers were involved in the Gig Economy and that US freelancers contributed $1.2 trillion dollars to the economy. That’s right 2018, well before the pandemic, so if that was the case before, post-pandemic, organizations worldwide have got to have a plan for how to contend with this evolving space.  

Like all the stories we explore on this podcast, what I love is that Rochelle is acutely aware that ideas alone aren’t enough if you don’t have the perseverance to follow them through and the belief in yourself that no matter where you’re from, even if you’re from the smallest island, that if your idea is big enough, and your commitment strong enough, that the world will come calling.