The Little Choice That Will Change Your Life
Episode 10428th September 2022 • To Succeed... Just Let Go • Willie Horton
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You could be depressed. You could be stuck. You could be stressed. You could be constantly getting in your own way.

Or you could get one teeny-tiny little choice right and... change everything - immediately, right now.

What is that choice? Well, you're going to have to listen to this episode to get your head around why one single simple choice is life changing (I didn't say it could be, I said it is).

You see, all the problems in your life boil down to one simple thing... thought. To people who tell me that they are over-thinkers, I simply reply "That's Normal!". To worriers... same response. And to people who think that they are suffering from depression or any of the aforementioned apparent afflictions... same!

But it's not thought that's holding you back. It's not how you think that's getting in your way. It's simply that you're not making the right choice. The one that is explained simply and practically (not just the choice but how to make it too!) in this episode.