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Episode 2017th October 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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Welcome to another Beyond the Webinar episode of I3, where we bring you the conversation from after one of our sessions. This was a webinar looking at worldwide practices of transporting gametes and embryos, the new technological advances to keep samples safe, and the standards and regulations that should be applied. This session was kindly sponsored by Cryoport

The panel included moderators Giles Palmer and Jessica Bailey, panelists Victoria A. Wells, John Condon and Dr Simon Cooke and Presenters, Dr Kristen Ivani  who gave the embryologist's point of view, Deborah Mecerod who spoke about the demands of an egg bank, Bret Bollinger who explained the role of technology in IVF shipping and Dr Mark Sawicki talking about the future of cryo-transportation


You can view the whole session here 

What was discussed: 

  • Is the UK being ‘blissfully’ unaware of this situation compared to the US? However, can it be compared considering the UK experience being on a smaller scale
  • Lack of consistency in the notification from US centres that items have been delivered.
  • Question about tank failure or tank being revalidated. 
  • Tracking failure rate of shippers eg. based on structural failure 
  • Critical checklist for the shipment process 
  • How we don’t know what X-Rays in airports could do to samples
  • There are times when it is Xrays as people aren’t paying attention to the request not to 
  • Austria - open and Xray everything so some shippers try to avoid going through there
  • Australia and New Zealand - bulletin on technical standards for shipping 
  • Audits on the services
  • Previously patients could take their own samples (which can still happen in the US) and they have to sign a waiver

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