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Ep. 9 Speaking to Each Other Across Our Depths, with Avivah Zornberg
Episode 926th March 2021 • Psalms for the Spirit • Kiran Young Wimberly
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Today’s guest is Dr Avivah Zornberg, renowned Torah scholar, teacher and speaker based in Jerusalem. I first became aware Dr. Zornberg’s work when I heard a lecture she delivered in Belfast, and I was immediately mesmerized by her deep insights into Hebrew scripture – her studies are based on Midrash, literature, psychoanalysis and philosophy. She really brought Moses and other Biblical figures to life for me in a new way. With Passover in mind this weekend, I wanted to explore the use of Psalms in recounting the story of the Exodus, and I was absolutely delighted when Avivah agreed to speak with me not only from her scholarly background, but from her personal experience of the Psalms throughout her life. Our conversation spans from stories of her grandmother to a Jewish theology of the Psalms to prayers said at the Passover table to speaking of what’s under the surface in each of our depths.


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Celtic Psalms songs featured in this episode:

Come Spirit Come (Psalm 144/The King's Shilling)

God’s Love Endures Forever (Psalm 136/Bold Riley)

Banks of the Nile (Psalm 106/The Snow It Melts the Soonest)

Sing to the Lord (Psalms 98, 99 and 100/Willy Taylor)  

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More about Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg: