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Dave McCormack on Custard and Bandit Heeler
Episode 91st February 2021 • Bluey's Brisbane • Bridge Media
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If you're a similar age to Justin and Lou you grew up with Custard and Dave McCormack as part of the soundtrack of your youth.

Younger audiences of course now know Dave for lending his voice to one Bandit Heeler.

Ahead of Custard playing two very special shows at The Tivoli in Brisbane this week, we thought what better opportunity to chat to Dave about his thirty plus years as a musician, memories of Brisbane, Custard's latest album 'Respect All Life Forms' and of course his role as Bandit!

Custard play The Tivoli this Thursday and Friday (04/02 & 05/02/2021) - a small number of tickets remain for Thursday -

'Respect All Life Forms' is out now on ABC Music.

Bluey's Brisbane is the podcast that explores the real life world of your favourite Heeler family.

Hosted by Justin Rouillon and Lou Bromley - follow us on Facebook and Instagram - @blueysbrisbane