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Paola Garbini on leading a global community of business women powered by kindness - MAF239
Episode 23926th March 2020 • Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast • Roger Edwards interviews great people from Marketing and the world of Finance
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Paola Garbini on leading a global community of business women powered by kindness - MAF239

My guest this week is Paola Garbini, the founder of the Noi Club.

Noi means "We" in Italian and we talk about how Paola brings women from across the globe to work together on projects and businesses powered by kindness.

Welcome to episode 239 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

We chat about:

·      Paola's passion for diversity and women's empowerment, in her personal as well as professional life

·      How the Noi Club came from a desire to meet women who could work as a team to make change happen and move forward together

·      The elements of a women's advancement champion organisation

·      How the Noi kindness culture works

·      The belief that human connections can foster change and enable ideas to turn into reality

·      NOI Club closed Facebook group, website and newsletter, to offline events and corporate collaborations designed to inspire, empower and connect

Who is Paola Garbini?

Paola is Global Senior Marketing Manager for Financial Institutions for the Boston Consulting Group.

She's also the founder of The NOI Club - a community of female achievers who regularly meet to champion each other and move forward together.

Links and Show Notes.

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