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Decluttering Won't Work if You Keep Doing This
14th February 2023 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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How much you declutter won't matter if you don't stop or slow the clutter from coming in. Decluttering and then bringing more stuff into your home as quickly as it leaves is going to drive you bananas. In today's episode, I share the first ground rule I teach all moms that take the Decluttering Simplified course to help them keep from bringing more stuff into their homes as they're decluttering and how to get the best results when decluttering.

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Declutter The Stuff In Your Home That Creates The Most Mental And Emotional Burden For You. You can declutter just SOME of your home and feel the heaviness of your clutter melt away as you clear things out of your home for GOOD. Stop, or at least massively reduce, the running to do lists in your head. Make it easy for your kids to clean up and care for their own things. Have time for your kids AND have a house that’s pretty clean, most of the time.