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Devil Worship, Animal Mutilation and Satanic Rituals come to Atwater in the 80’s
Episode 2723rd August 2022 • Gen X Bros. • Gen X Brothers
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Cheech and Chong were hero's of the Gen X Brothers back in the 80's but they didn't really get high. Accept on crushed maple leaves and selling them to the local kids in the neighborhood.

Erik tells the story of when they were the center of local news back in the 80's. The devil worshipers have come to Atwater California to wreak havoc on innocent cats and burn pentagrams into the alley ways. All in the name of Motley Crue.

Growing up in Atwater was a dangerous place, unless you are the cause of that danger.

Of course the KISS drama continues and also comes to an end this week. Erik retracts and explains his departure from the KISS drama. Has Sam Loomis moved on? He also talks about his appearance on "Podcast Rock City".

The brothers also talk about Monkey Pox, Marjorie Taylor Green and a whole lot more.

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