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WTH is going on with the new Georgia voting law? Gov. Brian Kemp on the law, Major League Baseball and the Biden agenda
8th April 2021 • What the Hell Is Going On • American Enterprise Institute
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After being lauded for refusing to overturn Georgia’s presidential election results, Gov. Brian Kemp is facing criticism from the same quarters over the state’s new voting law. Democrats claim that the legislation makes it more difficult for minorities to vote, while Republicans argue it ensures election integrity.


Gov. Kemp joined the podcast to discuss the contents of the controversial legislation, the Democratic outcry, and the media coverage. He also talks about the Major League Baseball decision to move the All-Star Game out of Georgia and corporate reactions to the new law.


Gov. Kemp is the 83rd Governor of Georgia. Prior to serving as Governor, Kemp was a member of the State Senate and Georgia’s Secretary of State. Before entering elected office, Kemp was a small business owner, managing Kemp Properties.

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