The Astrowrold Festival 2021 Lawsuits, it’s just the beginning.
Episode 11410th November 2021 • The Emily Show • Emily D. Baker, Esq.
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The Astroworld Festival 2021 Lawsuits are mounting. At present, there are over 18 lawsuits filed but some reports are saying the count will shortly be 36, and these are lawsuits related to injured attendees at Astroworld. The wrongful death suits for those who died at Astrowrold haven’t been filed yet. It seems that hourly there is more information coming out about this tragedy. Today we are starting to see reports that some security hired by Live Nation had no training and was unprepared for the crowds. There is a lot of legal to go in this case and likely years of litigation. I will be keeping an eye on Travis Scott’s liability as a performer and as a producer of this music festival. If you or someone you know was injured at Astroworld there are numerous law firms in Houston handling these cases, don’t hesitate to reach out to a law firm, you have rights.


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