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95 | Systems Inspired Leadership - Engaging With The Unknown With Frank Uit De Weerd
Episode 957th November 2022 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest this week is Frank Uit de Weerd, a Dutchman living in the Netherlands, an organizational psychologist, and a trusted advisor and coach for leaders, teams, and organizations. Frank brings a broad international experience in leadership development, business innovation, and (cultural) transformation to his clients. He has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources with Shell. He held assignments in Africa (Gabon), Asia (Malaysia), and Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, UK). Since 2015 he works as an independent leadership consultant and coach, guided by the belief that great leadership is key to a better, more conscious, and sustainable world. He is the first author of the best-seller “Systems Inspired Leadership” (2021) and co-author of the Dutch book “Leading Innovation” (2017).

Today we dive deeply into the interrelatedness of life, how the relational field impacts us and how once we can understand the systems we live within, not just as a thing, but as a living organism everything shifts. I love how he invites us into the holistic perspective and takes a longer-term view, expanding our own horizons for change and what is possible.

Listen in as we discuss the challenges leaders face today and how we can best navigate the complexity and fast pace of change currently underway. If you thought systems-inspired leadership is just another leadership fad think again, it’s empathic, relational, and utterly human in its approach. As Frank describes, the first thing many of his clients feel when working with him is a relief. He encourages us all to truly listen to our calling and to trust it because it will lead the way for us in life and leadership.

If you are a leader or you work with leaders then I think you’re going to gain a lot of insights from Frank’s wisdom, this is a valuable conversation and one I think we can all learn from.

Key Takeaways

  • Frank’s insights into what it means to be wise
  • The invisible web of connection and its role in information flow
  • The system as a living entity, sensing what it wants, what wants to happen here
  • How to tap into the creative intelligence within organizations
  • How to manage conflict in ways that relieve tension and toxicity

Memorable Quote

“Leadership is around creating a new and better future, and it needs a different approach, to make leadership a role of the system, tapping into the knowledge of everyone.” — Frank Uit De Weerd

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