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123. Should you program your training around your menstrual cycle? With Dr Alyssa Olenick and Raphael Bender
Episode 1235th February 2023 • Pilates Elephants • Raphael Bender
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Menstrual cycle-based training is a fascinating concept that is receiving a lot of press at the moment. Dr Alyssa Olenick is a metabolic scientist with a special research interest in the effects of the menstrual cycle on exercise training. We talk about the research on menstrual cycle-based training, and how to get the best results for your female clients.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Find out about the Clinical Certification here
  • Connect with Dr. Alyssa on Instagram and on Youtube
  • Listen to Dr. Alyssa's podcast 'The Messy Middle Podcast' here
  • Women and men respond to standardized strength training programs very similarly here and here
  • Follicular-based strength training may give superior results here
  • But performance is similar across the menstrual cycle here
  • Older women self-select exercise intensity that is too low to elicit strength gains here

Find more resources here.

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